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10 Steps to Make Your Own Sick Submitter WordPress Article Directory Packets

Following on from the testing I have been doing with the Sick Submitter Article WordPress Template on How to get WordPress Article Directory Backlinks with Sick Submitter which just explains a little about my use with the template for anyone interested in using it to make your own WordPress Article Packets. I have since increased in my experience with using it to register to and submit articles to these types of article directories. And in doing so I have seen some nice improvements in terms of seeing the links indexed fast by searching for terms or titles a day later. Everyone knows how Google loves WordPress blogs and eats them up so the relatively new article directory WordPress plugin by dimox is good both for webmasters who install this on their site(s) and other webmasters who use them for posting articles to.

I know that more and more article directory owners are switching their ArticleDashboard, ArticleMS, Article Friendly directory scripts to and starting new directories in new niches using the Article Directory plugin by Dimox – Powered by WordPress. Searching for “Powered by WordPress · Using Article Directory plugin · Theme by Dimox” returns 10,700,000 results. An improvement than a short while ago. So there’s plenty of these article directories to submit to and use them to build (hopefully) long lasting backlinks that not only bring the webmaster traffic but you also.

So how about finding these WordPress article directories?

[Step 1] To find the directories you will need to use footprints. The main one is as above “Powered by WordPress · Using Article Directory plugin · Theme by Dimox”. But I will also include some later. To search the footprints you’ll obviously need to use a harvester such as the Sick Scraper or ScrapeBox. For efficiency and stability I am using ScrapeBox but the Sick Scraper could be used to find these sites as I have tested it myself.

Article WordPress Footprints

“Powered by WordPress · Using Article Directory plugin · Theme by Dimox”
“Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate”
“Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar”
“Using Article Directory plugin”
“There are * published articles and * registered authors”
“RSS Articles” “RSS comments” “Recent Articles” “Authorization” “Username:” “Password:” “Remember Me” “Register | Lost your password?”

[Step 2] I would suggest just putting one of these as the main footprint and then putting keywords relevant to your niche. A good list of keywords good to use is a list of categories most article directories use. You can copy them from most sites by visiting them manually and putting them nicely into notepad as a list then scrape the keywords to find even more. This way we can search for the sites by using something like “Powered by WordPress · Using Article Directory plugin · Theme by Dimox” + “Keyword” like “Powered by WordPress · Using Article Directory plugin · Theme by Dimox” + “Music” 2,340,000 results. “Powered by WordPress · Using Article Directory plugin · Theme by Dimox” + “Business” 8,360,000 results. So put one of them as the main footprint and I am sure you have great scraping skills and know the rest!

[Step 3] Now then, once you have scraped a massive huge list of WordPress Article directories you will need to filter out the duplicate URLs and domains. And you may as well trim them to root as this will speed up Sick and most are installed at the root domain anyway.

[Step 4] Now you may have scraped 50,000 results and after removing dupes have only 10,000 unique URLs left. And then, after you register at those 10k and confirm the emails you may find that only around half or so of those actually send the password and are an actual Registration Successful. Then you have to actually run Submit step and submit an article to the sites you have left and you may find that half of those failed submission somehow. So out of 5k you will only have around 2000 if you’re lucky.

[Step 4.1] I have based this on scraping smaller numbers than 50k. For different results simply use different keywords and scraping tactics. If “Powered by WordPress Using Article Directory plugin Theme by Dimox” returns almost 11 million results and “There are * published articles and * registered authors” returns 1.6. Both used with an OR command shows 6.7 million results so the possibility is there to build thousands upon thousand of article backlinks to the best types of article directory since they began in Sick Submitter! But you just have to put this work in to get them.

[Step 5] To scrape for the sites as I said use the Sick Scraper or if you have it then use ScrapeBox. That’s the part of finding them once you have them it’s time to move on and make a packet from them. Depending on how many sites you have in your list you may want to split the packets into smaller sizes of say 1000 each. At the end of testing each packet you can delete all the failed sites and at the end of testing all the packets simply make a new packet from the good links.

[Step 6] To make a packet from the links. Paste them into the Sick List Wizard URL List field. Then select the Article_Wordpress.sic template found in the Sick Marketing\templates\Articles folder and save it as a packet somewhere you’ll remember. Now open this packet in the Article Submitter tab. You will need to put a Username (No more than 15 characters) and email address but keep the password field blank as this is sent to you and added into the PMU file and the Sick password output field when you confirm the emails.

[Step 7] On registering you are simply looking for “Successful Registration“. Simply sort by output and then redo any that fail captcha. Then run confirmation steps. Then delete any sites that failed due to no registration page not found etc and only keep the sites where the password field is filled in with a random password (sent by the site). Then it’s time to run the Submit step.

[Step 8] With your article all set up and ready to be submitted. You can submit spun articles. You can spin all the fields. No summary or resource field is required as you can put links in the articles body. Try to keep it to maximum 2 anchor text links. Any more and you might get told off. Select all the sites registration was a success with and run with low threads and in hidden mode at first. Successful article submissions will output either “Article Submitted“, “Article submitted correctly” or “Article submitted – in review“. But some may fail with “Unknown reason” and you will have to do these in visible mode to see why it never posted. Sometimes you’ll find with some nursing you can get a successful submission. You can delete these ones but usually worth keeping if you feel like doing some semi-manual posting. But sometimes the site simply wont load right in Sick or is not working properly period, so you may just have to delete it.

[Step 9] Now once you have finished testing your packet(s) you can then simply resubmit to them over and over. Do more scrapes and find more sites and repeat the above steps then add the good working sites to your list. Remember, don’t merge multiple packets – just make a new packet from all the working URLs! You can optionally scan the sites PR and make packets that show the PR Juice you get from the sites.

[Step 10] Okay I know I said 10 steps but I think we’re finished now. It’s up you what you want to do with the packets once you’ve made them. Submit to them yourself. Offer them to people for sale or for free on the Sick Marketing forums or elsewhere.

I realize this may seem like a lot of work but I have an easy workflow going and have found new sites on every scrape I do. If you don’t want to do all this scraping and testing malarkey yourself which involves using proxies and captcha and time and patience and would rather just download tested working WordPress article packets to submit to then check out my 184, 212, 267 WordPress Article Directories Packet + Template which can now also grab the article URL as well! This is great as it allows you to index the article URLs quicker and build backlinks and authority to them. All confirmed working and updated regularly. Of course that’s only if you don’t want the hassle of doing all this yourself. :)

Video Demonstration Tutorial

Watch the video demonstration tutorial of my performing these steps to scrape and make packets from the lists found.



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